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Optimising the reach and engagement of your video assets and YouTube Channel.

Services offered:
• Channel Audit & Recommendations
• Channel Branding
• Channel Structure & Playlists
• Channel Content Optimisation
• Channel SEO
• Video Thumbnail & Annotations
• Video Production & Post Production

“YouTube has more than 1 billion unique users searching and discovering video on YouTube every month.”

Plus over 6 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube. That makes YouTube the world’s second biggest search engine after Google.  YouTube is one of the top 10 broadcasters in Australia.

Some of the reasons businesses love YouTube is:

  • The low cost of advertising compared to conventional TVCs
  • The ease of integrating YouTube with other social media
  • The ease of combining video with other content to strengthen engagement
  • Communication is changing. Pictures and video are a vital mode of communication in a content strategy.

Yet many businesses are not enjoying the anticipated reward for their investment in a branded YouTube channel. Some of the common grumbles are:

  • A YouTube channel for brands seems like such a big opportunity but my channel is looking dated.
  • I upload videos but nobody seems to watch them. I probably need some help to optimise my channel and content.
  • I didn’t know my Videos could help my google rankings and drive traffic!

Having creative, insightful video assets gets you half way. To ensure your video and brand channel succeeds as an engagement platform, your channel needs to be optimised.

This means developing an intimate understanding of how audiences discover, share and watch your videos – and enabling all available tools for analysis prior to implementing improvement.

Bullseye has this specialist knowledge in YouTube customisation. We understand YouTube channel branding and can provide you with a solution where you will enjoy:

  • More views, a bigger audience and a boost to your engagement
  • Having an easy-to-discover channel through a focus on rankings
  • Your brand personality integrated with your channel
  • Selling more products online
  • Data-driven insights on what your audience enjoys and shares

Make the most of your content marketing opportunities and discover higher levels of engagement by outsourcing your YouTube Brand Channel customisation to Bullseye. We can also help you create a YouTube channel for business.

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