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White Wings

White Wings,

First social media campaign

White Wings is a favourite Australian brand that started in 1898 with a single flour mill in country Victoria. Since then, the White Wings range has grown to include not only flour but also baking ingredients and cake, dessert and pancake mix. Despite this impressive growth and reputation-building, they were yet to take their first steps into social media.

  1. The challenge

    For this much-loved brand with such a rich heritage to launch into social media and to take advantage of its sponsorship of The Great Australian Bake-off 2013 reality television show hosted by celebrity chef Anna Gare and ‘Kenny’ actor Shane Jacobson.

  2. The solution

    Bullseye created a cooking competition called ‘Bake, Share and Win’ where bakers could upload up their favourite recipe and vote for their favourites. The winner received a KitchenAid MixMaster valued at $695.

  3. The result

    The Great Australian Bake-Off debuted to 1.11 million viewers. There were hundreds of entries in the White Wings competition and thousands of votes in only two weeks. White Wings now has an established Facebook page with over 6,000 Likes.

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