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Strength When You Need It

Steadfast, Australia's largest insurance broker network, wanted a total overhaul of their website. The project involved redesigning and rebuilding their consumer and broker sites. A great deal of content work, including content audit, rewrite and migration was involved in this project. This was a large scale project that took a year to complete.

  1. The Challenges

    Steadfast, Australia's largest insurance broker network, had operated for 16 years as a B2B network and wanted to launch a consumer brand, as well as IPO the business in Australia. As a brand that was trusted and renowned within the insurance industry, yet anonymous with consumers, the challenge was to create a digital experience to build the brand and most importantly grow the business.

  2. Our Solution

    To take the brand to the Australian market, Bullseye developed a digital strategy that included a total revamp of their digital platforms, with a more functional website, and user-centric design for both consumers and brokers.

  3. The Impact

    Steadfast launched their new brand identity in December 2012 to both consumers and their broker network, with enhanced sales lead tracking and reporting for the brokers, and extensive data access for Steadfast.

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