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NSW National Parks

NSW National Parks,

7 Million Hectares

The New South Wales Government chose Bullseye to be their digital partner in promoting NSW nature tourism attractions. NSW National Parks required a site that listed all places that can be visited and activities that can be done in the 72 National Parks spread across the state.

  1. The Challenges

    The NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service required a comprehensive digital strategy to promote NSW's natural attractions to raise awareness of the need for conservation via visitation. How could a visitor find out about all of these gorgeous natural wonders? Or decide which ones to see?

  2. Our Solution

    Bullseye developed a 3 year strategic roadmap, which included a user-friendly website full of inspiring images and travel guides. With numerous National Parks all over the state and unlimited activities to do, the search filters helps visitors find the right places and activities for them. 

  3. The Impact

    Environment Minister Robyn Parker officially announced and launched the site on 31 May 2012 at the Botanic Gardens. Ms Parks stated that the site will continue to promote more parks within NSW, which should expand to a total of 180 parks over the next couple of years.

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