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Auckland Airport

Airports are full of emotion, and Auckland Airport is no different. It’s a fanfare of excitement, anticipation, sadness and nerves. Spend a moment in the arrivals and departures areas of Auckland Airport and you will see hundreds of special moments unfold before you.

Auckland Airport wanted to provide the medium for some of these fantastic stories to be told and reward people for sharing.

Bullseye was engaged to turn these genuine insights into traveler behavior into an ongoing digital marketing campaign.

  1. The challenges

    To motivate people who are passing through Auckland Airport to share their stories publicly, whether it be an arrival or a departure story.
    To tap into the story-telling which is already occurring organically and bring it to live digitally.
    Bringing all media together to form a cohesive campaign that spans digital, PR, radio and in terminal.
    To bring more foot traffic into Auckland Airport driving engagement and atmosphere in terminal.

  2. Our solution

    We created a campaign hub that was designed to showcase the stories captured. As the center point for this campaign, the public are invited here to share a photo or video of their meeting or farewelling moment at Auckland Airport, upload it to the site (also accessible as a mobile responsive experience and integrated into their Facebook page) for their chance to win one of three monthly $5,000 travel prizes and a grand travel prize of $10,000.

  3. The impact

    The digital design created by Bullseye led the visual work for all other channels. The campaign was tightly integrated with media and PR, which led to coverage on television and radio. The radio element motivated people to text in if they were planning to meet or farewell at the airport where crews were randomly waiting with big signs, creating huge momentum and excitement.

    The campaign ran to April 2014 and was supported in terminal with billboards to get as many people engaged as possible.

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