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Tui Garden

Tui Garden,

A Friend in Your Garden for over 100 Years

Tui Garden is one of New Zealand's most trusted resources for gardening tools and supplies. They have been in the business for over a hundred years, and they have quite a following in the gardening community. But just because Tui is a venerable, older company doesn't mean their digital channels can't be up-to-date.

  1. The Challenges

    Tui Garden wanted to engage with passionate gardeners and greenthumbs. They needed a strategy and approach to reach this diverse audience and the technology we chose had to be easy to use and update.

  2. Our Solution

    Bullseye rebuilt the Tui website, changing from a product-focused brochure into a mobile responsive, multi-channel destination for gardening enthusiasts. Social integration is included throughout the website and Bullseye implemented a social marketing tool on Facebook so Tui  can create promotions with ease. Finally, the Tui Time newsletter was redesigned and developed into a seasonal template that could be used for ongoing communication.

  3. The Impact

    Since the launch, the site has had a 146% increase in visits compared to the previous period; with users spending 35% longer interacting with the content. Subscriptions to the Tui Time newsletter have increased by over 22%, with an above-average open rate of 32%. The first Facebook promotion launched in October 2012 generated just under 1,500 new Facebook fans over a two-week period. Not bad!

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