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At Bullseye we love creating digital marketing campaigns in partnership with our clients.

At Bullseye we love creating digital marketing campaigns in partnership with our clients. We establish your goals, what analytics we will use and plan a costed, customer-centred campaign with you for your brand. We can lead the creative, the technology and the content, or work in partnership with your preferred agency on some elements.

What is a digital marketing campaign?

Some campaigns are one-offs, and some are more frequent. We have specialised expertise in delivering campaigns across all types of digital marketing.

Some examples include

  • Campaign sites such as for a sub-brand or event
  • Competition sites
  • Digital Advertising
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing

We also deliver campaigns that integrate:

  • SMS marketing
  • Mobile instant messaging
  • Podcasts
  • Mobile applications and games
  • Electronic billboards 
  • Content including video

Why would I need a digital marketing campaign?

The philosophy of “build it and they will come” is flawed in today’s hyper-connected and cluttered marketing environment. Simply having a website built or a social site established and expecting people to come knocking on your digital door is not enough. Digital media is an ever-growing source of entertainment, news, shopping and social integration.

Customers no longer just hear information from you about your brand they also hear the views of friends, family and peers. Whatsmore, people will likely trust the view of those they know over the view of a business.

Therefore to best manage this customer relationship, communications that are personalised, relevant and with offers tailored to an individuals needs and preferences will be far more persuasive than traditional marketing methods, untargeted digital campaigns or simply not engaging at all.

Good planning and strategy are the foundations for effective digital marketing campaigns. If you are trying to educate your customers about a new product, trying to drive sales or business leads or trying to grow your database then a digital marketing campaign may be the answer.

Our approach


  1. Define your metrics for success- how will the campaign be measured?
  2. What are the the key business objectives for the campaign?
  3. Who is the target audience?
  4. How are customer currently engaging with your brand or business?
  5. What are the competitors doing?
  6. What is the brand vision and values?
  7. What are the top 3-5 claims you will be making?
  8. Why should the audience believe you?


  1. What is the brand vision and values?
  2. What are the top 3-5 claims you will be making?
  3. Why should the audience believe you?


  1. Define the strategy and digital channels to best meet the goals and objectives
  2. Define the creative message- how can we best tell the story
  3. Scamp-up the creative concepts
  4. Select a direction and bring it to life in visual design


Build the campaign assets (for example, campaign landing page, creative, content, banners, email, social)


Measure, optimise, measure. We closely monitor the campaign and are flexible to change if needed to meet the campaign goals.

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