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We all want to look our best to make a great first impression. Think of your website copy as a face to your business. You’d want to present the best copy that will appeal to your customers and get them engaged. Simply because first impressions count.

The moment your copy attracts the readers’ attention, the more likely they’ll click through other pages. Put poorly-written copy on your homepage, and they won’t think twice of finding another website.

What is copywriting?

Copy is written material used for promoting a brand or business, and copywriting means producing such material. The copy can be displayed on brochures, ads, newsletters, blogs and websites. Copywriting is both an art and skills. With so many competitors in this digital age, it’s not enough just to write well-articulated copy, you need to have the skills to grab the readers’ attention.

Why do I need copywriting?

Copy allows the readers to know what services you offer or what your products do. Good copywriting tells them not only that, but also why they should buy your products and use your service. Even better, great copywriting entices the readers to buy a product without even ‘selling’. The readers themselves decide it’s the right product for their needs.

Now why should I appeal to these readers? With search engines these days, it only takes one click to find brands that fit your needs. So many options, so much information. Which brand do you think you would click on? Yes, the one whose copy appeals to you the most. These readers can potentially become your new customers so writing great copy has become more important than ever.  

Our approach

Our copywriting approach focuses on one of the most important aspects of your business: your customers.

  1. Putting ourselves in the customers’ shoesWe ‘become’ your target audience. We identify what they need, why your product is beneficial for them, and why they should buy it.
  2. Learning about your product and servicesWe can’t write about your product unless we know the ins and outs of it. We learn not only what your product does but also how it benefits your customers.
  3. Developing copyWe don’t just write. We connect to your audience’s emotion. We identify what tone and voice can mostly relate to them, what key messages answer their emotional needs, and how your product benefits their life. Connecting to your audience in the emotional level entices them to react and respond more.
  4. ProofreadingBefore handing in our copy for your approval, we ask our proofreader to read it. We have to make sure the copy contains no grammatical or spelling errors, it reads nicely and is appealing to your audience. Remember in the era of digital and search engines, readers will give no second chance to poorly-written copy. 

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