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Type B : Archive August 2014

Welcome to our blog. The idea behind the name is that Type B blood is in short supply because it’s one of the rarest. 
And so our team puts our heads together to give you Type B Blog – an offering of rare digital thought-leadership, with the latest opinions and insight on technology, digital marketing and the future of our industry. Take a look, and tell us what you think.

Selamat datang di blog kami. Ide untuk nama blog kami, Tipe B, muncul karena golongan darah tipe B tidak banyak tersedia dan salah satu yang paling langka.

Jadi tim kami bersama-sama menuangkan pikiran untuk memberi Anda Blog Tipe B – berisi ide-ide digital yang langka, dengan pendapat dan pemikiran terbaru di bidang teknologi, pemasaran digital dan masa depan industri ini. Simaklah dan berikan pendapat Anda.

  • Tom hanks typewriter app.jpg?itok=m-qwjLd0
The idea behind this app is that it turns your iPad into an old-fashioned typewriter with the bang of key presses, hard returns and chimes at the end of a line. The chimes are my favourite part.
  • Navdy2.jpg?itok=wYMku0ee
Clever device with transparent display to keep drivers safer.
  • Optimising-youtube.jpg?itok=wMI7Mf7J
We all know by now how highly consumed some online video is and how important video content is for any businesses brand or marketing strategy to achieve their business and brand goals. However what is often overlooked is the potential for deeper engagement with consumers by brands via their YouTube channel.
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