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Type B : Archive March 2014

Welcome to our blog. The idea behind the name is that Type B blood is in short supply because it’s one of the rarest. 
And so our team puts our heads together to give you Type B Blog – an offering of rare digital thought-leadership, with the latest opinions and insight on technology, digital marketing and the future of our industry. Take a look, and tell us what you think.

Selamat datang di blog kami. Ide untuk nama blog kami, Tipe B, muncul karena golongan darah tipe B tidak banyak tersedia dan salah satu yang paling langka.

Jadi tim kami bersama-sama menuangkan pikiran untuk memberi Anda Blog Tipe B – berisi ide-ide digital yang langka, dengan pendapat dan pemikiran terbaru di bidang teknologi, pemasaran digital dan masa depan industri ini. Simaklah dan berikan pendapat Anda.

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Nutritionally Google

March 31, 2014
Google quietly releases a new nutrition feature in their search function.
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#Hashtag that!

March 24, 2014
Businesses on social media know that they can better participate in the Twitter-sphere conversations by including a hashtag or two, as a way to search and label social media updates.
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Art Director Paola Pelligro shares her top three tips for creating a stronger, more engaging brand story.
Paola Pelligro
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In-Car Mobile Integration

March 11, 2014
It seems the 'big guns' of the mobile OS world are in a race to dominate the car industry.
Jayson Wright
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Tips for video interviews when creating video content.
Jill Schaeffer

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