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Why Rebrand Bullseye?

Presenting the third iteration of the Bullseye brand, and hopefully not the last.

We are a group of digital thinkers who thrive off the ever-changing landscape that our industry creates for us. Change is a constant and to ignore this fact is to ignore the growth of our ever-changing company, Bullseye.

If we look at the point in time the last identity refresh was done, the Internet was a very different place. In fact, the internet was often depicted as an amorphous cloud of gas in diagrams as it was still growing and taking shape. People really didn't understand the internet or the world wide web’s full potential. 

If we look at the reality of where we are now, it's a very different picture. Globally it's far less about the internet and more about the World Wide Web connecting every imaginable device. Our industry has become understood and reportable to the enth degree. This sharpening of our understanding of who we are and what value we add to the conversation has led to us needing to rebrand.

To me, the strength in the word “Bullseye” is not in the literal depiction of the centre of a target. It's really in the metaphorical expression of a blinding solution to a problem being discovered. The "Eureka" moment Archimedes experienced in the bath, and the theory of water displacement is the best example I can think of.

The further away from this notion our brand gets, the less potent the brand impression gets. This was the start point for the Bullseye rebrand.

Knowing “Bullseye!” is something that is said or exclaimed when a blindingly brilliant solution is discovered, quickly informed us of the direction we needed to take with the visual aspects of the brand.

A very simple depiction of the word Bullseye! being exclaimed and amplified through a megaphone was the mark that best fitted the name and rally cry that we wanted to conjure up when people experience our brand.

We a very proud of the work we do and our company, so the visual treatment is specifically designed not to hide or be ambiguous in anyway. The mark itself has meaning which is clear and simple to understand. We were very keen to stick clear of the current trend of typographic treatments that really have no meaning at all but look pretty. In our work this idea is paramount so the same thinking had to apply to our logo.

Along with the brand mark refresh we have crystallised five core values for the business. The values capture the very essence of what is important to us as a business and are there as a guiding light for us to refer back to not only with client work but also as a yard stick when we are making business decisions on issues such as hiring staff or assessing work - setting an expected standard of behaviour for our staff and rationalising clients that we prefer to work with. Together the visual aspects and the values form the foundation of our rebrand.


The digital agency that speaks your language.

A People Business

Bullseye brings a human touch to the digital space. We’re a team of real people; approachable, pragmatic, warm-blooded, enthusiastic and caring. These qualities and our ability to listen - with a sense of fun - are all proof that from our perspective, the best client-agency partnerships are built on relationships, not transactions.

Smart, not Smartass

We’ll never dress up what we do as specialist knowledge that’s beyond the understanding of mere mortals. That’s why we’ll always seek the most direct solution that suits our clients – not our egos.

Practical Dreamers

We firmly believe that innovation and creativity have no value at all unless they can be of use in the real world. That means being totally focused on applying innovation to the serious business of solving our clients’ problems, and not on pushing the latest technology for the sake of it.

Pride from Others’ Success

In our business, the only true measure of success is the success we impart to our clients, people and partners. So when those others do well, we have a right to share in their feelings of achievement and pride.

BusinesS with a capital "S"

Positive results are good for business. Sustainable results that stand the test of time are even better – both for our business, and for those of our clients. By ensuring we deliver ongoing value, and not just one-hit wonders, we are helping to guarantee our own future, by safeguarding our clients’.

- Lyndon




April 19, 2013
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The digital agency that speaks your language.