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Showrooming just got more visual

Amazon has recently announced it now offers image recognition in its app-based showrooming concept. The idea is that consumers use app technology to scan any suitable bar code and ultimately shop at the best price from Amazon. This software is called flow.

You can imagine that with Amazon’s price-comparision app and this showrooming now with image recognition built in, that retailers are not too happy with Amazon.

Which is interesting, considering Amazon is trying to form partnerships with retailers with a possible mobile point-of-sale concept.

“Amazon might be trying to court brands that have their own stores with a POS offering, but I doubt any true retailers will let the Amazon fox into their henhouse,” a retail spokesperson said.

That said, it may be that future-thinking retailers will listen. Amazon seems to know no bounds in their future focus and success around online shopping. Look at their journey from when they were only known as a great way to get cheaper books and now they have so much for sale, you can even have your bridal registry on Amazon.

Amazon seems to be paying attention to what consumers want. Smart retailers may just see that the past is the past and showrooming is the future.

I can’t be the only one who likes the idea of app technology which we access in a physical store, then buy online from Amazon to ensure the cheapest price. Retail therapy is a wonderful thing, and this brings the best of retail with the best of digital together.

February 12, 2014
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