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Are you tired of your site NOT showing up on the first page of Google when you type in your keywords? Tried everything and still getting no results?

It’s 2013 and it seems like Google is playing hard(er) to get. Truth is, it just got smarter and more realistic. So here are a few tips that will earn you some love from Google:

No more tricks

Google is made for humans, not robots. This means that your main focus will be to create valuable content that actually means something to visitors. You need to create content for people, not for Google. I can’t stress enough how important this is. Forget SEO tricks that you think will cheat your way to higher ranks. It won’t work. Instead, focus on creating great content that will make your site worth visiting. Great copy, images, videos, games, tools… the way content works with SEO is simple.

Great content attracts more visitors, drives higher engagement, lowers bounce rate and encourages sharing. All of this will generate high ranking in Google, which in turn drives even more traffic to your site. It’s an endless circle of happiness.


Make friends

Links still play a crucial role in SEO. How does Google know that your site is worth visiting? If other people recommend it, of course. This once again stresses the importance of quality content. Any story worth telling is worth telling twice. Integrate Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and blogs into your website and let social media work its magic. Don’t hesitate to link to other sites as well. Google loves these selfless acts and rewards them generously. So go on, make as many friends as possible.

Be unique, be original

Google is a tad bit like school teachers. It hates plagiarism. It is therefore very important that your site is unique and original. Make it unique so it stands out among others. Make it original so all the credits can go to you and you only. Don’t try to cheat, because Google can be a bit harsh towards plagiarism.


Although creating a unique and compelling site is a must, you also need to remember to keep it simple. Too much of anything can be harmful: too much content, too many images, too complex design. Besides causing information overload to visitors, it may also cause your site to run slow. Speed is what you need to go for when building a site as internet users are the most impatient customers of all.


The meta-data you put into your site is used by Google to crawl into each page and investigate the content. Although meta-keywords no longer plays a role, meta-description and title tags still do. Just a week ago I was inputting meta-data into each page of a website. I hadn’t even finished the whole site when results kicked in. The site went from not being on the first page to being on the top three of Google’s SERP. Believe it or not. Practical advice is to include your keywords in the title tag, meta-description and URL. The copy should also include these keywords several times, but keyword-stuffing is a big no-no. There’s no exact number on this; just keep it reasonable.

In the end, it’s about placing visitors above everything else

Google puts its people first. Its sole purpose is to help visitors find what they are looking for. And therefore, so should you. Valuable content is what you’re really aiming for. Think of helping instead of selling; of what you’d like to see yourself. Implement that on your site. As people like user-friendly sites, so does Google.

-Euriska Wiyanto

April 02, 2013
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